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It’’s a natural occurrence for many people to have visible pores, this is usually the case for people who have oily skin.

Nowadays the stores are full with products that the tighten skin and decrease the appearance of large pores, moreover they can contain compounds that can be harmful for our skin and on the other hand why pay so much money when you can make natural home made remedy that will solve the problem.

face 5555 GTMWater and Baking Soda

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda and the same amount of water as well. The mix will became like a paste. Apply the mix on the face and leave it to dry for around 15 minutes.

You will feel how the paste tightens on your face and will became like a mask. Finally rinse your face with cool water.
Down below we have a few other natural remedies for the same purpose. Also the procedure is very simple and you only need to use 2-3 ingredients.

Cucumber, Lemon and Rosewater

First peel of the cucumber and them muddle the flesh. Add one teaspoon of rosewater and a few drops of lemon juice. Put the resulted mixture in a clean cloth, fold it and then apply it to your face. Finally just wash your face with cool water.

Egg White and Lemon juice

This method is also very helpful, you just need few drops of lemon juice and two egg whites. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it to dry. After few minutes wash your face with cool water. Not only it will tighten your skin pores, but also will help you remove dead skin cells and oil.

Tomato and Lime Juice

Mix some tomato juice with 2-4 drops of lime juice. Apply the liquid on your face using a cotton ball and let it stay on your face for 15 minutes and wash your face.

The acid that lime and tomatoes contain is called astringent, it is very helpful in removing the oil from your face.

Almond and Lime Juice

First place few almonds in a small bowl and feel it with water. Leave them for one night for the almonds to soak. In the morning muddle the almonds and they will turn in to paste. Add a teaspoon of lime juice into the paste. Now you can apply it on your face and leave the mix for 30 minutes. In the end just wash your face with cool water.

Lemon and Pineapple Juice

Squeeze a half of lemon in a small cup and add the same amount of fresh pineapple juice in the cup. Soak a face cloth in the mixture and place it on your face for 5 minutes. Again like every other methods wash your face with cool water.
The pineapple contain enzymes which are very effective in cleansing and tightening the skin.

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