These are the Mistakes You Make When You are Trying to Lose Weight

You are finally ready to lose some weight. And you all know that losing weight means a lot of hard work. You would have to change your entire lifestyle to shed your body even for a couple of pounds. There are endless ways to get to your goal, and with all the contradictory weight loss programs, no wonder.

But, there is a new type of specialist, the weight loss coach, who can help you with your dieting plan as well as with your exercises in order to reach your goal.

Today, some of the best caches share with you their experiences they’ve had with clients, and the most common mistakes a person can make when they go and ask for help to lose some weight.

Mistakes you Make When you are Trying to Lose Weight

1. You are not eating enough. If you want to burn about 2500 calories in a day and you are consuming only about a 100 – you’re doing it wrong! In this way you force your body to store fat and slow your metabolism down.

Don’t be afraid of eating! Fill up your plate with everything from healthy carbs to healthy fats and lean protein. Consuming a full plate of nutritious and healthy foods will definitely make you feel healthier and happier.

2. You do a lot of cardio, but not enough weights. The muscle mass helps you burn fat easier and the cardio just burns the calories instead of building up a mass.

Add some weight lifting into your routine, immediately. 20 minutes, two or three times within a week is enough for start. As time passes, challenge your body to a bit more.

3. You tell yourself that you are on a strict diet – when you tell your brain that you’re on a diet, you will more likely break your dieting plan, even before reaching your goal.

But, when you say to yourself that you are making lifestyle changes, then the story is different. Remove the word diet from your vocabulary, and experiment with what you know until you get the right way for you.

4. You do not have a good supportive system. If you go alone, and your partner or family do not support you in your decision, you are more likely to fail.

This is why make it a bit more fun, and find a friend or a family to join in. This way you’ll be a lot less tempted to go back to your old ways of living, and be a support for each other.

5. Why haven’t you set a specific goal yet? Take one overwhelmingly big target and set it into smaller, more reachable steps.

Instead of setting big goals, such as losing about 30 pounds, approach yourself with a much smaller goal. Start by drinking plenty of water, cut down on your snacks gradually, work your way up to a good and healthy body slowly.

6. Do not overestimate the calorie burn of an exercise. Don’t treat yourself with a tasty pastry if you think you’ve done really good in exercise class today.

No no no. Keep monitoring your portion sizes, because if you’re not following your dietary plan, you could be leading yourself in a dead end.

7. Be consistent with your efforts. The noticeable changes in the body happen only if you are consistent. Try to keep your momentum going at all times.

It will be difficult at the beginning but after two or three weeks you will get the hang of it. If you notice that you are slowly slipping, get back on that program right now.

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