You must Know this If you Have a Fatty Liver or Toxic Liver

Environmental toxins are very dangerous these days and are very difficult to avoid, just like pesticides on foods that we eat and in the air and water for our daily life too.

Our bodies are being burdened with these toxic, in addition the medication and byproduct of energy production is also a concern.

Given all the concerns that are body is going through today we as an individual should be sure to give our liver the optimum health.

As the liver is crucial for removing toxins in our body it is right to take good care of it.

Supplements for Liver:

  1. Selenium – this will be recycling the antioxidants in the body to stimulate the detoxification process.
  2. N Acetyl-L-Cystein – improves glutathione level in the liver for boosting regeneration of healthy liver cells.
  3. L-Glutathione – the most abundant antioxidants in the body for maintaining proper immune function and fighting stress.
  4. Dandelion – dandelion roots are used to treat liver problems like treating swelling, kidney diseases, upset stomach and other skin problems.
  5. This is also used to treat stomach problems like appendicitis, breast problems and in Europe it is used to treat diabetes, diarrhea, eye problem and fever.
  6. Licorice root – are effectively known to treat chronic hepatitis C and liver cancer. Licorice root can be found in form of tea, capsule, tablets and liquid extracts.
  7. Burdock root – best herbs when it comes to liver detoxification, this is packed with anti-inflammatory agents like flavonoids, lignins and bitter glycosides.
  8. Milk Thistle extract – is a supporting detoxification for a healthy liver function, this is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Just like the NAC it helps regenerate the liver cells and prevents any further damage to the toxins we encounter every day in our daily life.

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