Mysterious Bacteria Found on Mysterious Island. Doctors say: This is a solution for many diseases!

rapamycin GTM

Mysterious island. No one can argue that Easter Island who is located off the coast of Chile in the South Pacific is one of the most mysterious places on earth.The iconic Easter Island statues may not be the only mysteries on “Rapa Nui”. Bacteria found in soil on this island hold the key to curing  many diseases and Alzheimer’s diseases, according to doctors at the University of Texas Health Center.

The doctors gave “Rapamycin” who is bacterial product found in the soil on Easter Island who is named after “Rapa Nui”, to experimental mice throughout their lifespan and found incredible results that rapamycin enhanced learning and memory in older mice and young mice improved in those areas.

Rapamycin is used in transplant patients to prevent organ rejection and now doctor say it can improve learning and help treat cognitive decline and rapamycin at the same time is anti-aging products.

Doctors believe it could even treat conditions like Alzheimer’s.

“I’ve been in aging research for 37 years and there have been many so-called (anti-aging) interventions over those years that were never successful,” said  Dr. Richardson  in his statement to the press. “I never thought we would find an anti-aging pill for people in my lifetime, however, rapamycin shows a lot of promises to do just that.”

Rapamycin was discovered in the l973 and found to have anti-fungal properties. This medic was eventually used as the basis for many drugs given to transplant patients to prevent organ rejection and improve health. Rapamycin is currently being tested in clinical trials as a cancer fighter and for skin protection like anti-aging products.

NOTE: Bacteria found in soil could offer treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.
-In tests on experimental mice, the rapamycin reverses decline caused by aging
-The rapamycin includes bacteria found in soil near the Easter Island statues
-It is used to treat transplant patients and also be used to treat depression and many more diseases.

I hope that rapamycin could help many people who suffer from various diseases.


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