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Mastitis is a disease of the breast tissue that mostly affects women who are breastfeeding. It often happens within the first three months, but it can happen any time in the middle of breastfeeding. It affects only one breast. This is due to blocking channels for milk, the milk stays in the breast and can trigger the disease. Another cause is a bacterium that enters the breast through the nipple. Few signs of mastitis, breast pain, swelling, irritation, redness, and sensitivity to touch. Different manifestations include fever and chills. The condition can leave the mother is very tired.

Natural Remedies and Tips For Breast-Infection

If you have mastitis, be sure to continue breastfeeding. It does not represent any danger to your child. Breastfeeding helps to cleanse the breast. In the event that breastfeeding becomes too painful, try to use a pump milk. In the meantime, you can use some home remedies.

When the mastitis, rub the affected breast. This will unblock the stop milk ducts and reduce swelling. Continuously massage the breast to the nipple in small circles, applying more force to the painful area.

Make a massage oil by combining equal measures of apricot oil and wheat germ.Use it to massage your breasts.Do this several times each day.

• The second option is a mixture of a few drops of camphor oil and two tablespoons of olive oil. Do the same massage.
You need to clean the nipples with warm water before breastfeeding babies.

Cabbage leaves
Cabbage leaves are soothing solution for inflamed breasts. They contain sulfur compounds, which reduce the deterioration and swelling.
• Place the cabbage in cold coots contaminated breasts.
• At the time the list is achieved room temperature, replace it with another cold list.
• Do this several times a day until you get rid of pollution completely.

Another great solution for mastitis is garlic, which has anti-toxin properties. It helps in the management of microscopic organisms that cause pollution. In addition, supports the immune system.






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