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We all love our pet dogs, they are pretty much members of the family and even come pretty close to our kids! When they hop onto our lap for a cuddle, they often get very overexcited and give us a big, slobbery kiss with their tongues.

We don’t really enjoy it, but we feel bad telling them to get down, I mean it’s their way of showing us love! But maybe we should be telling them to back off, as it turns out that having their wet tongues all our faces isn’t too good for our health.

So what’s the problem?
Well turns out, your dogs tongue has a LOT of bacteria on it, and it can actually make us pretty sick.

Some people will say that dogs have really clean mouths, in fact I have even read something that suggests that dogs mouths are cleaner than humans.

So, are dog mouths really cleaner than human mouths?

Turns out, that no they are totally NOT.

Marty Becker, author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Dog Owner’s Soul, said:

“All you have to do is look, watch, smell and you’ll realize that is not true.
They raid the garbage can. You know, we give each other a peck on the cheek when we say hello, they give each other a peck on the rear end.”
It is not just what is carried in saliva either. As we all see, dogs spend half their life sniffing other dogs droppings, so their muzzles are full of bacteria, viruses and germs of all sorts

When we come into contact with these, it’s obviously not great. One woman found out the hard way after she let her pooch give her one kiss too many.

She contracted an infection from her Italian greyhound’s saliva. She didn’t even realize anything was wrong until she noticed she was struggling to speak fluently and her speech was becoming slurred…

But shockingly, things took a turn for the worse and she ended up having to call for an ambulance when she couldn’t even stand up anymore.

She was rushed to the emergency room and had lots of tests. Her blood tests showed the infection to blame was due to capnocytophaga canimorsusbacteria, which is a type of bacteria commonly found in the mouths of dogs and cats.

That’s not the other bacteria that your pet can infect you with though…

There’s also ringworm infection.
A ringworm infection is one of the easiest diseases for your dog to pass onto you from licking. It is very easily spread to humans and if you catch it…you’ll know about it.
You could also be risking the deadly MRSA virus
MRSA infection in humans, which produce lesions like the unsightly one above, can be caused by as little as one lick from your dog.

Dogs can carry around this bacteria with very little effect on their own health but when an owner comes into contact with it… Yeah, it’s a bad time.

dogs1111Then there’s Staphylococcus Aureus (no we can’t pronounce that either, but it’s nasty)



dogs 11This nasty disease is called capnocytophaga canimorsus and this man was told by his doctor that his capnocytophaga canimorsus infection was caused by a dog licking his open wound.

This was VERY RARE, so don’t worry too much. But still, after seeing these, are you going to risk it?

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