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In case you didn’t know already, onions are one of the best natural remedies for various health issues. For instance, they are the best cure for vomiting and one of the most effective immunity-boosters, due to their antibiotic properties.

onion-cought-gtmWhat makes onion so potent antiseptic and antibiotic agent is its sulfur content. Moreover, it is an excellent source of Querection, an antioxidant which helps the body combat free radicals.

Onion juice is an amazing natural expectorant, which makes it beneficial when it comes to treating respiratory conditions. In addition to this, its sulfur and flavonoid compounds make it good for diabetes, the heart, cholesterol levels, and arthritis.

Native Americans have long used onion to treat colds and flu. Now, even the World Health Organization recognized its potent abilities to relieve respiratory infections, bronchitis, cough, and congestion.


1.      VOMITING

First, great an onion and press the onion juice by using cheesecloth. Then, brew a peppermint tea and allow it to cool. Drink two teaspoons of the onion juice and wait five minutes. Do the same with peppermint tea and then repeat the procedure until the symptoms go away.


Put onion slices around the house to purify the air of bacteria and viruses.

3.      FEVER

Slice an onion into slices. Then, rub the bottom of the feet with coconut oil and apply a thin onion slice into the arch of each foot. Wrap the foot and cover with sock. Let it work overnight to draw out toxins and the illness from the organism.

4.      COUGH

Peel an onion and slice it in half. Put a tablespoon of brown sugar over each onion and cover them for an hour. Take this relish twice daily to alleviate the cough.


Crush an onion and combine with coconut oil to create a paste. Coat the chest with the paste and cover with a dish towel.

6.      COLIC

Boil diced yellow onion, allow it to cool, and drain. Give the baby a teaspoon of the onion tea every hour until the symptoms subside.


Chop an onion, put it into a thin sock and tie it closed. Then, put the sock over the affected area, covering the head/ear/sock with a hat. Remove when the pain subsides.

8.      CUTS

The film of the onion skin works as antiseptic and it also stops the bleeding instantly.


–          Rub an onion slice into the face of an iron to prevent rusting
–          Polish copper and glassware with an onion slice
–          Rub a cut onion on you to prevent freckling
–          Rub a cut onion on you to repel bugs
–          Onion juice rubbed into your hair promotes growth
–          Onion juice repels moths
–          Boiled and cooled onion juice sprayed onto plants repels pests

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