It’s Not Salt Or Sugar! This Is The Worst White Poison We Eat Every Day! – GTM

Sugar and salt being white poisons for the body there’s another common food ingredient that’s more harmful than these two. It’s sodium glutamate E621 – an additive used largely in the food industry as well as restaurants. This is the worst white poison we eat every day.

poison-1gtmSodium glutamate E621, used primarily to enhance the taste of food. It comes in different forms – white crystalline powder similar to salt and sugar, and liquid, i.e. aqueous solution that tastes like meat soup.

According to medical research, sodium glutamate E621 stimulates the brain cells creating a similar effect to drugs. This substance is quickly absorbed by the brain as it travels through the bloodstream. Once it reaches the brain, it triggers a change in the genes responsible for the sense of taste.

Aside from improving the food flavor, it also increases appetite, creates addiction and leads to overeating and obesity.
Sodium glutamate E621 , it doesn’t only improve the natural taste of food, but it also improves the taste and aroma of tinned, frozen and fast food. Needless to mention, this additive is greatly popular in America – the Americans are one of the largest consumers of processed food in the world.

An overdose of sodium glutamate E621, also known as Chinese restaurant syndrome, leads to dizziness, migraine, visual disturbances, hormonal imbalance, nausea, weakness, dizziness, chest pain, etc.

Natural spices are a much better and healthier alternative to this food additive, the next time you buy food, check for the ingredients and avoid products that contain sodium glutamate E621.

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