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Although most of us prefer the fruit, the real power of the papaya lies into its leaves. When tasted, the leaves are bitter which is due to its richness of phytonutrients – and that’s where its therapeutic ability comes from.

These leaves can both be used to help external and internal problems. Externally, they can be an effective treatment to different skin conditions, anything form infected cuts to freckle removing. Internally, the papaya leaves tea can treat excess water retention and gastric upset.

Papaya Leaves Balance Blood Sugar and Boost Immunity

According to a study from 2014, the papaya leaves have a hypoglycemic effect on the human body. They also increase glucose blood levels in only four days after the injection,while simultaneously decreasing the body weight.

The same study claims that the metabolic disruption which has been produced by diabetes can be improved by the liquid extract from papaya leaves.

Additionally, the papaya leaf extract contains a mix of antioxidants which have been proven helpful in decreasing the secondary complications of diabetes like oxidative stress, kidney damage and fatty liver. This has been proven by a large number of studies around the world.

In some traditional medicines, parts of the papaya (Carica papaya Linn.) have also been used to treat other disorders and diseases, among which is cancer.

The most recent proof for this claim is a study conducted in Tokyo, Japan, in which the researchers found that the papaya leaves extract has an inhibitory activity when it comes to some tumor cells.

This means that the extract made from papaya leaves is capable of inhabiting the tumor cells in their growth and stimulate an anti-tumor effect. If this is true, the papaya leaves extract has a potential to treat and prevent tumors and cancers, but also some allergic disorders and maybe even serve as an immunoadjuvant for vaccine therapy.

Papaya Leaves Tea – Recipe

Papayas leaves are most effective if brewed into a tea.

To prepare this infusion, you need 10 leaves and a gallon of water. Just add the leaves in the water and let them boil till the water decreases to a quarter of its quantity.

Let it cool down before consuming. Drink small doses for detoxification, to boost your immune system and treat indigestion. You can also consume it as a general tonic.

However, you should keep in mind that even though there aren’t many tests about the adverse effects of papaya leaves on people, the papaya leaves showed a very low toxicity percentage in animals, which makes the tea safe for a long term consummation.

Important:You need to know that it’s common for herbs to trigger some side effects when they are mixed with some other herbs, medication or supplements. Because of this, it would be wise to exercise caution when using different herbs and ask a professional for an opinion. Talk to your doctor before starting to use this tea or any other changes that you decide to make into your regular diet.

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