Prepare Your Own Diabetes Medication With Only Two Ingredients

Today we are going to present you with a home made remedy that will be quite simple to prepare, and yet will provide you with amazing benefits! We are talking about a remedy for diabetes! And the best part of it – it only requires two ingredients that are so easy to find, you probably already have them in your kitchen!

The ingredients for this amazing remedy are six lemons and 300 grams of celery.

Diabetes Medication

And now, for the preparation part. First you need to wash the celery thoroughly, and then grate it. After that, put it in a pot.

Take the lemons, squeeze them out and then take the juice and add it into the pot. Cover that pot, and then put it into another bigger pot filled with water.

Put the pot on a high heat and wait until the water reaches a boiling point. Once it has reached a boiling point, reduce the heat to a minimum and leave the water like that to simmer for the next two hours.

Then, after those two hours have passed, remove the pots from the heat, turn the heat off and do not open the pots until they have completely cooled down. Then, take the mixture and transfer it into a jar which you will close tightly, and then put into the fridge.

When it comes to the consumption part, make sure you consume a teaspoon of this amazing remedy every morning when you wake up, on an empty stomach, about half an hour before you have your breakfast. The amount of remedy you have made will last for the next two months.

So, if you do this every morning, in just a short while you will realize that you are getting better and that your blood sugar levels have begun normalizing! You will feel amazing and your blood sugar will come back to the way it is supposed to be in only a few weeks!

This is something you should definitely have to try in order to improve your health, so do not hesitate at any moment! Make this remedy and start enjoying a healthier version of you now!

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