Do you know what would happen if you press your ear with a clothespin?
According to reflexology, pressing certain points throughout your body can eliminate pain and aches in other, completely unrelated body parts. This is a special area of medicine which has recently gained much popularity because it seems to be working wonders. The ear is a very interesting pressure point because it contains a lot of nerve endings and can effectively relieve pain if pressed.
Using a clothespin you can pressure a specific nerve and ease discomfort or pain. It’s surprising but it really works. The ear has 6 pressure points which are connected to different body parts and if pressed can really have amazing effects. Here is a list with the 6 miracle points and the body parts they’re connected to. Below you have a picture with the exact position of every point labeled with numbers accordingly.
ea9r 99GTM1. Back and shoulders
If you press the upper part of your ear you will resolve back and shoulders pain. Press a clip on the upper part of your ear for 60 seconds and your back pain and tension will disappear. For best results, repeat the process a few times during the day.
2. Organs
This point is connected to every organ in the body so if you feel discomfort on the inside you should gently massage this point a few times a day to relieve your pain. However, if the pain is persistent you should consult with your doctor.

3. Joints
This pressure point is linked to the joints so if you feel joint pain you can press a clothespin on this point and relieve your pain instantly. Still, if you have

4. Sinuses and throat
The lower part of your ear is connected to the sinuses and the throat, so if you suffer from sinus infection or sore throat you should press a clothespin on this part of the ear and you will be amazed by the results.

5. Digestion
You can solve certain digestive issues by pressing the point just above the earlobe. If you have cramps in your abdomen or if you feel a pain in the abdomen, you can get rid of it by pressing this point. You can also use this technique as a precaution.

6. The head and heart
Inside the ear there is a point connected to the two major body organs. You can get rid of headaches and smaller cardiovascular issues by applying pressure using a clothespin or your fingers.

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