“It Rises From the Dead” – This Is the Most Healing Plant In the World!

Chinese people used hawthorn to make a fermented drink. There are remains from this herb that are 9000 years old. People believe that this plant had a very important part in religion at that time.

A legend says that Christ’s crown was made from the bush of thorns. This herb was grown in Asia, Europe, The Mediterranean, and North America, but now it is grown in every part of the world. This amazing plant is known under many names like sharp thorn, hawthorn, white thorn, bear pears, ETIC, and hook.

Hawthorn is rich with antioxidants. The flowers contain glycosides, essential oils, oxiakantin, and trimethylamine. Fruits are rich with huge amounts of potassium, fructose and glycosides, saponins, tannins, essential oils, phosphoric acid salts, sodium, and calcium. Thanks to Willmar Schwabe, this herb became very popular and target to a lot researches. She added tincture made of fresh hawthorn fruits in her homeopathic book, and confirmed that this wonderful herb is very beneficial for our heart. This amazing herb prevents heart attack, protects hardening of vessels, regulates high cholesterol levels, normalize high blood pressure, and treats anybody who is having cardiac crisis. It maintains your blood system, when there is high blood pressure, because it weakens the heart muscle. Also, it can prevent cardiac arrhythmias. Hawthorn is accepted as an effective and safe treatment for early and more advanced stages of heart disease. Promotes better nutrition and activity of your heart muscle cells. Everybody who is older than 50 years should occasionally consume tincture of hawthorn. Also, it’s recommended to everybody who had heart attack.

Other applications

Hawthorn is the most soothing herb. It’s helping with poor sleep, lack of energy, fatigue, anxiety, and dizziness, noise in your ears, wheezing, and nervousness. Also, it promotes flushing out of excess water from your body, which will result with weight loss. It’s useful with joint diseases, edema, and cellulite. Its anti-inflammatory properties help with digestive problems, ulcerative colitis, and they strengthen the connective tissues of your joints. It is preventing vascular diseases like arteriosclerosis, and fights against free radicals in our body. However, nursing or pregnant women shouldn’t use it. Red and white hawthorn are one of the most common types of this herb. You can find them along roads, meadows, and forest edges. The bark is harvested in spring, because all juices are circulating. It can be used dried or fresh. The fruits harvesting is in autumn, when they have bright red color. The flowers are harvested before the opening or in buds. You can search for flowers between the 4th and the 6th month in the year.

Hawthorn Drops

Mix 200ml of 70% alcohol with 20 grams of crushed flowers and leaves, and stir occasionally. Let the tincture to rest for 3 weeks, then filter and strain. Consume 20 drops with some liquid on a daily basis. The drops will act as an adjunctive therapy and will prevent nervous and vascular systems diseases.

Hawthorn Syrup

Put two pounds of berries into a blender, and cover them with water. One inch above the fruits will be the perfect amount of water. Blend them, and let them rest for 1 day. After that, put the mixture on low heat and let it simmer for 30 minutes when it begins to gently boil. Turn of the stove, and let it rest for another 30 minutes. Strain the mixture and when is cooled down, put it in your fridge. Blend them once again with adding new water, and repeat the same process. Strain it good through cloth and squeeze the juice out of the berries. Put it on a low flame, until it comes to ¼ of the mixture. Pour the liquid in bottles, and consume 6-12 tablespoons every day.

You suffered heart attack? No problem, the following recipe will help you to recover.


  • 30 ml tincture of gentian
  • 240 ml syrup of hawthorn
  • 30 ml tincture of cactus Selenicereus grandiflora
  • 30 ml tincture of ginger root
  • 30 ml of red pepper’s tincture


Simply, fill a half of a bottle with the hawthorn syrup, and in a bowl mix all tinctures together. Add the syrup into the bowl with tinctures and stir. Drink from this mixture 1 tablespoon, 3-8 times during the day.

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