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Imagine being named as the “most beautiful woman in America”? It’s almost too much to handle, right? I mean who’s to define whether you are beautiful or not? Surely beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

We all see beauty in different forms. For example, I think Bradley Cooper is totally HOT, however my sister is all over Jimmy Fallon! How opposite can you get.

So when I was told that THESE are the eyes of the most beautiful woman in Britain, I was pretty annoyed…I mean, who’s judging? But then I read on and found out there’s actually some science to back up this claim.

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This woman’s name is Florence Colgate, and she’s objectively gorgeous.She beat 8,000 entrants to win the title of “Britain’s most beautiful face.”

To participate in the competition, entrants could not wear makeup, and they could not compete if they’d had any cosmetic medical procedures.

Judges took a methodical, scientific approach which may just interest you… Florence’s face is particularly symmetrical, which is scientifically linked to attraction. I have heard this before, but I never thought there was any real depth to it, apparently there is.
So what was her score? Her pupil-to-face width ratio is a perfect 44 percent.

According to science, people see faces as more attractive when the ratio is just under 50 percent. Our source reports that the distance between the eyes and mouth should be perfect, too.

This distance should be just over a third of the measurement from the chin to the hairline. Florence’s ratio in this department is just under 33 percent.

Well here she is…the face you have been waiting to see.

beauty N1

For what it’s worth, several celebrities also have “scientifically beautiful” faces.

BEAUTY3Jessica Alba is a notable example, as her face is perfectly symmetrical and her ratios are in line with scientific descriptions of beauty.

Shania Twain is also scientifically one of the most beautiful celebrities in the world.

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