SHOCKING! A list Of Cannibalistic Company, Which Insidiously Feed Us With The Human Fetus


Unfortunately, for our “advanced” civilization there is a whole list of products that uses aborted fetuses in production.

Although on several occasions tried to explain to people that it is true that some of the pharmaceutical and food industries using aborted fetuses in food and drink, we always ran into disbelief of many people who can not believe, despite the evidence.


Yes, the food is human fetuses, you put them in the food and drink and that’s fine, that’s part of good business, said Obama, namely his administration’s committed quoted Natural News. 

In fact, numerous activists from NGOs revolted against the companies of the food industry that once used the word “cannibalism” in order to improve the taste of their products. The most popular company that is replete with “the murdered babies” Pepsi Co. which operates worldwide but also something that produces food for the children and a number of ‘healthy’ sweets. For years spate of activists in the US who struggle for life and against the inhumane campaign and this is an action of last year resulted in a boycott of Pepsi and Nestle products, then president of the United States rises to protect these companies saying, that in this practice does not nothing strange.

Unfortunately, for our “advanced” civilization there is a whole list of products that uses aborted fetuses in the production of their food so maybe it was discovered because he was so encouraged abortion for women all over the planet.

We, of course, we are not aware, but they kill the children they later we all eat. Upcoming transatlantic agreement between Europe and the United States aborted fetuses would overwhelm the EU about how no one talks.

Regardless of the different views on abortion, behind the campaign under the guise of freedom of hiding pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries that daily use of fetal cells for their products. We can say that aborted fetuses are one of the main ingredients of many products in our life.

No, this is no exaggeration, this is already happening, only the backdoor and many other things that operate under the banner of freedom. Their human intervention in humanity really is the means by which the great profiteers of ordinary people doing donors for their immoral and evil enveloped parts and as is evident from the statements of the Obama administration, these people have the full support of the ruling elites. And the lives of innocent children? A cannibalism who are driving under the “health”? Are we aware of how much I dose monstrosity in approving such practices? Here is a list of products that use aborted fetuses human beings:

PEPSI beverages;

all soft drinks Pepsi

Sierra Mist

Mountain Dew

Mug root beer, beer

No Fear drinks

Ocean Spray beverages

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Tazo drinks

AMP Energy drinks

Aquafina water

Aquafina beverages

DoubleShot energy drinks

Frappuccino drinks

Lipton tea

Propel drinks

SoBe beverages

Gatorade drinks

Fiesta Miranda drinks

Tropicana juices and syrups


NESTLE products

All accessories coffees – cream, cream powder …

Maggi brand instant soups, ketchup, fillings, and sauces, meatballs and spices



Black Jack chewing gum

Bubbaloo chewing gum


Bubblicious chew gum


Freshen Up gum

Sour Cherry gum (Limited)

Sour Apple chewing gum (Limited)




CADBURY ADAMS candies and sweets

Sour Cherry Blasters

Fruit Mania

Bassett’s Licorice

Maynards Wine gum

Swedish Fish

Swedish Berries

Juicy Squirts

Original gum

Fuzzy Peach

Sour Chillers

Sour Patch Kids

Mini Fruit gum


other products CADBURY ADAMS


Certs dragees for breath freshening

Halls cough syrup




This company uses fetal cells in creams for treating wrinkles that are obtained exclusively from the 14-week-old aborted fetuses boys


Bio-Gel Translate Journee


Bio-Serum Lumiere

He Restorative Facial Cream and Body



MMR II (Merck)

ProQuad (MMR + Measles – Merck)

Varivax (Measles – Merck)

Pentacel (DTaP Polio + Hib + – Sanofi Pasteur)

Vat (Hepatitis-A – Merck)

Havrix (hepatitis-A – Glaxo SmithKline)

Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B – Glaxo)

Zostavax (herpes Zoster- Merck)

Imovax (Rabies – Sanofi Pasteur)

This is a shocking and horrible, but the hard truth is that we become cannibals and we are not aware of it. 


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