Shocking evidence ”Antioxidants stimulate the development of cancer cells”


Antioxidants stimulate the development of cancer cells
Although antioxidants such as blueberries or green tea for years considered good for health, recent research shows that this is not so. Antioxidants are at the peak of popularity and almost no text on healthy living that they do not rise to the heavens, but the study published in the journal Nature reveals that they actually promote cancer development in mice.

PACOV GTM”Mice administered anti-oxidants are dying faster than others. Our data only confirm that the cancer cells have more benefits from antioxidants than normal cells, “says Doctor Sean Morrison.

They found that the mice that received antioxidants cancerous tumors quickly spread throughout their bodies than those who did not receive them.

While this is not the first such study, what is alarming is the fact that metastases in mice are very indicative for the human body.


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