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A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature

It is realized that cultivating is a restorative approach to ease stress, accomplish some quality alone time, and relax in the excellence of nature. A terrace garden adds character and magnificence to your home. In the meantime, you profit from your diligent work with characteristic and scrumptious sustenances and herbs to appreciate.
There are people who are highly interested in gardening, and there are those who do not exactly have a green thumb. However, the second group of people would love to see a garden in their yard. If you belong to the latter group, but you shy away from gardening for fear that your plants would not grow healthy and strong, then these tips and tricks are just for you. In order to ensure a beautiful and successful garden, use these clever gardening tricks.

1. Use a muffin tin as a planting guide


A muffin tin is meant for baking, but it can be utilized in your garden as well. Muffin tin can be utilized to create a perfect grid to guide you when planting your seeds. You will know exactly where to put them and how to space them out.

2. Use glass bottles to form a path



If you have children who love to play outside, you should use glass bottles in order to let them know where to step. By using the bottles you can create a path, to make sure your garden does not get trampled.

3. Create garden markers using a hammer and some old spoons


You should cautiously flatten some old metal spoons with a hammer, and after that grab some colorful paint and be creative. In a case you do not have any old silverware lying around, you can utilize plastic spoons.



You should not throw the  empty wine bottle. You can use it in your garden.  If you are worried that your plants are not getting enough water, fill an old bottle with water and put it upside down in your plant.

5. Use plastic forks to fortify your garden



In order to keep invaders out, you should stick forks in your garden, pronged side up.

6. Turn a colander and silverware into a planter and a wind chime



Rather than throwing them out, you can hang old lightweight kitchen utensils from the bottom of a colander, after that flip it over and fill it with your favorite plant.

7. Use glass bottles to add some flair to small spaces



Firstly, you should wash out an empty can, and then use a can opener to remove the lid. Grab a can of paint and start spraying. In order to do this trick, you will probably need a couple coats of paint to cover the original logos, text, and colors. After the cans are dry, fill them with soil. Plant your favorite herbs inside. All of these require minimal work.






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