Modern living has changed the way we look at beauty and hygiene. Many people try to look according to this rules and usually do crazy things to achieve that. However, science says that some of the modern beauty treatments and products are very harmful for the body and may cause serious damages and diseases.

NAsal hair 777 gtmOne of the issues science deals with is waxing. Today modern women and some men remove the body hair with this simple and very painful method. Waxing the legs, arms and any other public places who look better without hair is not a myth anymore and more and more people do it daily.

Scientists point out that this is not good at all for the body. Removing the hair from your body in any possible way may trigger some serious diseases, infections, inflammations, parasites and even death. This is because the skin has nerves and when you perform some action of them they damage. One of the most serious problems is removing the hair from the nose. This is damaging the skin in your nose and the empty place from the hair fills in with blood which is a perfect environment for parasites, bacteria and fungi.

An amoeba which can nest in the follicles from the hair very fast may grow and be transported to your brain. Here it will destroy the nerves and tissue and it may cause serious disease and even death.

NOTE:  Nasal hair functions include filtering foreign particles from entering the nasal cavity and collecting moisture. In support of the first function, the results of a 2010 study indicated that increased nasal hair density decreases development of asthma in those suffering from seasonal rhinitis, possibly due to an increased capacity of the faces to filter out pollen and other allergens.

Next time when you think of plucking or waxing the hair from your nose think twice. If you still think that the nose hair doesn’t look good on you or you want to be in ahead with trends you may try trimming them or removing the hair with scissors. Before taking any beauty treatment or product first think of the internal problems it may cause and then of the change in your appearance.

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