Pain that radiates from your lower (lumbar) spine to your buttock and down the back of your leg are the hallmark of sciatica.

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Several Facts and Causes for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is a common health condition which can affect people at any age, regardless of gender or other characteristics.

It is intense and unbearable pain which can last all day and can make people unable to perform their daily activities.

Lower back pain can occur in people from different professions. Physical work overloads the spine while desk work can put additional pressure on your lower back.

This problem can last for a longer period and can lead to more serious health problems.


Hot and Cold Treatment

This is a very effective treatment which can relieve lower back pain. You can apply a cold compress (ice packs) to the affected area. This cold compress constricts the blood vessels and in this way it fights inflammation. On the other hand, hot compress improves blood circulation which can stop spasms and relieve pain.

Ginger Tea Consummation

Regular consumption of three to four cups of ginger tea can successfully relieve sciatica pain. The treatment should last for at least 5 days.

Good Rest Treatment

Getting enough sleep, rest and relaxation are essential for people who suffer from sciatica pain. Also, make sure you sleep in the proper sleeping position in order to relieve sciatica pain. It is recommended that you sleep on your right or left side with a pillow under your knees. In addition, stay away hard pressure at your back during the day.

Hot Salt Bath Treatment

Hot Epsom salt bath is a perfect relaxation and pain-relieving therapy. The healing properties of Epsom salt will improve your overall health, and hot water will significantly improve your blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.

Stretching As Your Daily Routine

Morning stretches will strengthen your back, making it more endurable to the loads. This will prepare your muscles for the tensions during the following day. Also, the vertebral gaps will be wider and more elastic.

Intense Water Consumption

Proper hydration is essential for good health. Drinking large amounts of water will lubricate your bones and joints, making them less susceptible to injuries. Additionally, your muscles and joints will become more elastic and movable.

Natural Muscle Relaxants Consumption

There are various beverages and teas that have the ability to completely relax your muscles. You can consume chamomile tea, tea from celery seed and yarrow which can boost your physical strength by relaxing your muscles. Relaxed muscles are stronger and less prone to injuries and inflammation.

Regular Massage

Regular massage is highly recommended for stress relief and prevention of sciatica pain. You can simply massage the affected area with essential oils and your pain will disappear. Also, you can get professional massages.








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