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No need to herbalist experience in order to identify the nature of comfrey (Symphytum officinale, Eng. Comfrey), a medicinal plant used throughout Europe. It is very easy to transplant into your garden in a way and horseradish root. It is enough to dig a root or part of the roots of plants and burying it in the ground in your garden. The plant is a perennial, and no matter how deeply dug up the roots, it is almost impossible to get it out. The remaining part of the spring will again grow green woody.

The healing roots

Healing is part of comfrey its deep and forked root, dark brown to black in color. To create ointments digs the sharp spade in the autumn, in October and November, when it contains most of allantoin, who stimulates the formation of new cells, accelerates wound healing, renewal of broken bone. The root also contains high concentrations of tannins, that its ability to stop bleeding. Comfrey eases the pain of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative changes of the spine, sports injuries, pain in the muscles and the like.

gavez GTMThe most widespread and most practical comfrey herbal remedy is Comfrey ointment.

The recipe for Comfrey ointment with olive oil

Ingredients: 200 grams of freshly excavated and cleaned comfrey root, 800 grams of fresh bacon for melting fat, 30 spoon cold the dough refined olive oil and 150 grams of wax

Preparation: 800 g fresh pork bacon or bacon for melting fat cut into cubes and place in a pot, add a little water, stirring to prevent burning. It is important that you do not add salt. Fat is ready when it swam by pale cracklings. Then drain it, and in a separate container 30 tablespoon fat and allow to cool slightly. While it is still warm in the fat grate prepared comfrey root 200 grams. Thus, in the hot fat should fall as thinly as possible roots, and fishes them just above the fat to as little as possible were exposed to air or oxidation. Once all of the root grated and submerged in fat, continue stirring for 15 minutes. Let it sit covered overnight.

The next day again put on a low flame, heat up just enough that the fat dissolved, remove from heat and mix further 10 minutes, then drain through cheesecloth into a pot. Squeezed fat added 30 tablespoon cold refined olive oil, and the mixture adds another 100 grams of finely chopped wax. We keep warm over low heat and stirring constantly until the wax melted, then pour it into a porcelain or Pyrex dish. Cover it with a cloth and leave in a cool that all the ingredients are combined and cool. The resulting cooled Comfrey ointment solid wooden or ceramic spoon in small containers, glass or plastic, not in the metal. Fill it to the rim well and pushed that there does not remain the air, good close. The shelf life of the resulting fat a year.

Keep out of the reach of children and does not use Comfrey ointment for indoor use.


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