The Most Inexpensive And Easiest Way To Dismiss The Feet Problems And The Whole Body

The most inexpensive and easiest way to dismiss the feet problems and the whole body you can see here.



In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the feet are powerful and direct contact with all the internal organs, due to the so-called “meridians” that are there and throughout the entire body. On the other hand, onions and garlic have a great absorption of bacteria and cleansing. When those two things come together, you get the ideal recipe for an inexpensive and simple detoxification. Every night.

ONPN 6 GTMIf you do not believe in dreams and meridians of Chinese medicine, the truth is that this is all connected directly to the nervous system – and everyone believes him. The feet have about 7,500 neural endings (meridians) that go directly to the internal organs. These are very important endings, which are often neglected because all day wear shoes, so the nerves are not stimulated in the right way. That is why, among other things, an ideal walking on a sandy beach with no shoes.

And one of the best ways to get these electronic nerve pathways that lead throughout the body, holes, is just with the help of onion. If you want to clear your body and you do not have to do anything (like a sauna or dieting) just cut the onion into thick slices, place them on the soles of the feet and over put on socks. Of course, no one expected that such walking down the street, but this is done at night. While you sleep, the onion will help you to clean the body.

ONION 3 GTMProbably for you the idea that you put the onion in a sock and so spend the night will not be at all attractive.However, you’ll probably change your mind or, at least, imagine after find out how this simple method effects to health.

The feet and hands are the mirrors of health. For them the first notice changes that indicate some health problems.

It is known that onion cleans a skin, as it kills germs and bacteria, and phosphoric acid (what makes you cry when cutting onions) in the bloodstream can make a miracle. If through the nerve endings in the feet into the bloodstream, this acid will clean the organs and blood, and will kill all bacteria and germs it encounters.

It is recommended to use organic onion, and experts claim that onion will not only help purify the body, but also the air. Although it has an unpleasant odor in the old England where just onion was use to clean the air of germs, how to prevent the spread of infection.


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