Is Your Thumb Straight Or Crooked? This Is What It Can Tell You About Your Personality!

The thumb is the only thing on the hands that are opposable. It means that it can easily turn back against the rest of the fingers.

When giving a thumbs up, some people have a straight thumb. Other people have crooked thumbs, though. This says something about your personality.

Some persons have a straight thumb when they give a thumbs up. There’s no bend to the bones at all, and the thumb doesn’t even slightly retract backwards over the knuckle.

The straight thumb could mean that you’re a more serious person than most. Though you don’t show your excitability, it doesn’t mean you’re a downer.

Then, we’ve got the crooked thumb. As you can see, the back of it curves. It can curve a lot or a little, depending on the person.

A crooked thumb mean you are so much expressive you want to express your feelings with all and put yours thought out.

People whose thumb makes an obtuse angle with the index finger is a gem. Such thumbs are well-built, long and lean. They are called tender thumbs. Individuals who have such thumbs are calm and thoughtful. They usually make great artists and musicians.

Which Part Of Your Thumb Is Longer?
Observe your thumb for the two parts that it is divided into, and you will notice that those two halves are not necessarily equal.

If the upper half is longer than the bottom half, then you probably possess a tremendous amount of willpower. This willpower allows you to excel and succeed through hard work and stay committed to the people in your life.

If the second half is longer than the first one, then you make all your decisions based on logic, instead of will power. You tend to restrain yourself when it comes to falling and feeling in love, and as a result you may miss out on dome golden opportunities to find a suitable life partner.

Try overcoming this issue, if you want to find love, just listen to your and let logic a back-seat for once.

So which type do you have? Are you the seriously straight-thumbed type, or the animated, curved, life of the thumb party?

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