10 kg Weight Loss Challenge In 15 Days, Take Just 1 Spoon Of This Every Night!

Today I am going to share 100% natural remedy that can easily melt all of your belly fat in just 15 days. You need just one spice that is available in every kitchenfor this ancient trick that still works as a magic.

You will need

  • Cumin seeds
  • Curd
  • Water
  • Cumin seeds powder

Follow tips given below and you can lose extra weight in just 2 weeks

Tip 1

  1. Take 1 spoon water
  2. Soak this in 1 glass water overnight
  3. Next morning boil this water
  4. Filter and drink this water early morning (If you want you can add half lemon in this water)

Tip 2

For this, you will need cumin seeds powder

1.Add 1 spoon jeera powder in 3-4 spoon curd

2.Consume this curd 2 times a day (You can consume it before or after meal

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