Get Baby Soft and Pink Lips Naturally at Home | Make Your Own Lip Balm for Soft Pink Lips -100% Work

There are many products available in the market that claim to give you soft lips but nothing works like the natural remedies. After using this remedy you will never need any lip balm/lipstick from market. Just use it for continuously and you can change in your lips from 3rd day only


  • Take a clean container
  • In this take 2 tsp of beetroot juice
  • Add 1/2 tsp coconut oil
  • Add 1 tsp of vaseline
  • Add oil of 2 vitamin E capsule
  • Mix all of them well and your lip balm is ready
  • Before application remove dead skin layer. For this rub your lips gently with toothbrush
  • Now apply this lip balm on your lips and leave it overnight

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