Do You Have These Two Holes On Your Back? Here is What It Means… – GTM

You may have noticed that some persons have two holes on the lower back and sometimes you wonder what they mean. They can appear in both men and women and some people have them while others don’t. Well, read this article carefully and find out what they mean.

BOOTHY - GTMThese strange holes located on the lower back where two bones connect the pelvis are called Venus holes in women and Apollo holes in men.

These holes, Venus or Apollo, usually appears in people who are genetically predisposed for them and probably have appropriately sized ligaments in the lower back. If some person have them, it usually means that the person have good circulation and healthy body. It also means that the person achieve sexual satisfaction much easier because good circulation is crucial for healthy sexual life.

These strange holes cannot be created with some exercises because there are no muscles in that area. However, they might appear if you lose some excess pounds.


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