UNBELIEVING! Fake Funeral To Fight Depression


In one health center in Seoul, people who struggle with depression, stress and have suicidal thoughts are subjected to the treatment to which attend his own funeral.

Men and women, dressed in special uniforms, sat in wooden coffins and look straight ahead. In this way, they actually attend his own funeral.

Health Centre Hyowon in Seoul is a place where a group of people who are struggling with stress, depression or suicidal thoughts, can undergo therapy that simulates their funeral. In addition to the presence of the funeral, is not carried out any other medical treatment, but patients stated that I was the act affects them feel better.

korea GTMSouth Korea has the highest suicide rate and most of the young people who decide to take this step because they are exposed to great pressure to be the best in school and later to get a good job.
People who come to this center believe that he can provide them with a better life after “experimental death.”

Immediately after the application in a health center Hyowon, persons who seek help here, need to be photographed in order to construct a picture like the one standing on the coffins. Then he held a speech about suicide particular patient, let’s have a brief emotional film, and the patient himself in front of the whole group reading his suicide note.
Then, the “deceased” person enters into the chest and lying there for 5-10 minutes.

After leaving the suitcases, reactions are different. Some of them are crying for fear of claustrophobia, some of them look happier, and some of them even photographed selfies.

The director of the Fake Funeral, at the end of therapy, patients saying that now they know what it’s like death and that they should be happy and grateful to be alive …



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