WARNING!!! “CAMERA FLASH” Three-Month-Old Baby Left BLIND!!!

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Advice to all parents: Keep your cameras away from your children !!!

The clear front of the eyes called the cornea, can be damaged by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and from other light sources, such as a welder’s arc or camera flash.

These injuries are called corneal flash burns or ultraviolet keratitis and are like a form of sunburn to the surface of the eye.

Corneal flash burns can cause pain, changes in vision or loss of vision

Three-month-old baby from China has lost its eyesight after a family friend forgot to turn off the flash on a camera which was only 25 cm away from the baby. Soon after this photo was taken, the parents noticed that something was wrong with their baby`s vision, so they visited a doctor.

Doctors confirmed that the baby has suffered irreparable damage from the flash of the camera. They diagnosed partial damage in the left eye and total blindness in the right eye with. The damage was said to be permanent and could not be fixed with surgery,

This happened as a result of damaged cells on the macula caused by the strong flash. Macula is a small and highly sensitive part of the retina responsible for detailed central vision. If the light cells in your macula are damaged, your central vision will become blurry and less well-defined, and even lost.

Experts warn that children are sensitive to strong light until the age of four because macula is not fully developed until then.

According to experts, babies will instinctively close their eyes when exposed to light. However, only milliseconds of strong light are enough to cause permanent damage.

NOTE: Keep your cameras away from your children!


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