A Well Kept Secret Has Finally Been Revealed: This Is Why Chinese Women Look Half Their Age!

Chinese women have a reputation of knowing the major secrets of youthful look and ageless beauty. Indeed, in China, it’s not easy to tell a woman’s age by her look, because often times, they look as if they have 20 or 30 years when they’re actually older.

Why Do Chinese Women Have a Youthful Appearance?

They always cover their upper body parts. They can wear skirts, but even a slightly revealing décolletage is outrageous.

The biggest enemy of Chinese women, of course, after the sun, is cold. Therefore, they drink only warm water and some of them never eat ice cream. Out of fear not to ‘let the cold inside’ a lot of Chinese women don’t shower a month after labor, but instead they take ginger baths.

Chinese women spend a lot of money on cosmetics, i.e. more than 300 dollars per month. Interestingly, they opt for Korean and Japanese brands more than Chinese ones, as well as renowned European brands.

Chinese are traditionally oriented towards long relationships, so, Western slangs like ‘hot’ are replaced with ‘beautiful’. The main things that make a woman beautiful, according to Chinese people, are the face and the skin whiteness. Therefore, Chinese women try out different methods in order to light up their skin, from sunscreen to radical facial masks and even skin bleachers. The fact that in other countries people pay to get a darker complexion doesn’t interest them at all.

In China, everyone who isn’t skinny is considered overweight. For example, Charlize Theron would be a big woman in China. If you don’t want to make an enemy in China, never tell a Chinese woman she’s strong. Being a bit overweight is feminine and cute, but strength is a masculine characteristic and it’s almost an insult for women.

A Chinese girl needs to be cute and irresistible, a little princess forever. To achieve this, they wear pastel tones, especially pink, tinsel, and cute animals on the clothes and accessories, regardless of the age.

Daily routine is holy for Chinese women. They wake up early, go to bed early, and always take an after-lunch break. All people in China eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time. Even when they schedule a meeting, they don’t say the hours, but say ‘after dinner, lunch, etc.’

Every Chinese woman knows which foods are good for them. These ingredients make them beautiful and fertile. For example, ginger, black sesame, and jojoba. They also like black unrefined sugar. They dislike chocolates and sweets in general. They opt for salty or spicy snacks and eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

Chinese women like to take selfies and put photos on Chinese social media. Every Chinese smartphone has filters in the camera which automatically correct every flaw and make the eyes bigger and darker.

Chinese women have an interesting tradition known as ‘zuo yue zi’. The mother of a newborn stays in bed a month after labor and she doesn’t go out and she’s wrapped in the warmest covers. Her mother, relatives, or some other special person takes care of her baby. This is because they believe that women lose a lot of energy during childbirth and that they can recuperate only if they rest for a month.

Last but not least, Chinese men are also responsible for their women’s beauty and attractiveness. There is no other place on Earth where women are more appreciated and taken care of.

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