What Is Toxic, Margarine Or Butter?


“If I had to decide between margarine and butter, then I must say that! I believe the cows more than chemists.” Joan Dye Gussow

For decades, convinced us that margarine is a healthier alternative to butter, but the truth is slowly but surely receding over the carefully contrived propaganda through which they poisoned a billion people. If you still eat margarine are advised to make things “could stomach turn” because this foodstuff gets the process of creating a similar plastic.

The first step – ingredients
The basis for the cheap margarine oil of poor quality, which is obtained from the seeds of soybean, cotton, canola, safflower and corn portion. When we consider that the strains, despite popular opinion, extremely dangerous plant that is ruining fragile human hormonal system, and that creates sterility especially in genetically modified form (currently 98% of soybean crops GMO).GMO GTM

The oil from the seeds of the plants specified gets the so-called “hot pressing” and can generate large amounts of free radicals which are responsible for messing up cells in our body. Free radicals are the main causes of premature aging and the formation of cancer, but unfortunately, despite these facts, margarine, some still believe the only healthy spread.

Oil dangerous for human consumption is found in margarine

Cottonseed oil is one of the most popular ingredients of margarine and should not be used for human consumption, this nebulous ingredient margarine in unrefined condition is used as a pesticide because of toxins gossypol from cotton which naturally protects against parasites.

1-gmo- GTMCotton seeds contain large amounts of highly unsaturated fats known as Omega 6 (50%) that produce inflammation. Fatty acids Omega 6 became famous for the fact that create chronic cardiovascular disease and blockage of blood vessels.

Canola oil is in the last few decades it has become extremely popular, and he was an as tasty alternative to “cold-pressed oils,” presented by the big companies of fast food after they allowed Monsanto genetically modified variant. Canola oil is really tasty, but few know that its flavor and fragrance added, namely not only that this is the only oil in which the additives are added such as deodorants and extraction process of trans fatty acids makes using hexane – petroleum products and solvents.

Omega 6 from canola seed during the deodorization process is converted into the trans fatty acid, then the trace of the oil are combined in long chains acids. The acid is associated with the development of fibrotic heart lesions.

Canola oil is causing the disappearance of vitamin E in the body, reducing the strength of cell walls and allows cellular failure. This oil creates numerous allergies and easily breaks down, causing asthma and bronchial problems. The use of this oil increases the number of lung cancer.

Daily use of canola oil causes an increase in triglycerides of 40% and inhibits the normal enzyme function in the user’s body. Canola oil has become extremely popular even though the FDA in 1985 – an umbrella agency for Food and Drug Administration of the United States banned the placing of this oil in infant formula because it has spawned children retardation, unfortunately after lobbying by Monsanto and the obtaining of legal immunity, biotech companies are legally sale of poisons, including in margarine. Although canola is extremely perishable, its taste and smell are not changed due to the addition of additives and fragrances.

1-margarinE GTMThe second step – the hydrogenation process of making margarine

After mixing all the oil is added to give a fine powder of nickel – highly toxic element which serves as a catalyst for the hydrogenation and combination of trans-fatty acids. Some manufacturers use other types of the catalyst, but all to go one toxic.

Hydrogenation is the process where the refined oil with the addition of hydrogen at high temperatures and the metal catalyst in the powder converted to a solid fat which remains stable at room temperature. It’s amazing that most of the so-called “healthy food products” containing margarine, especially biscuits, cakes, snacks.

Hydrogenated fat and trans-fatty acids are not the same concepts, namely, trans-fatty acids are just one of the by-products of the hydrogenation.
Trans-fatty acids are formed and during other processes, such as roasting, and the molecular level of trans-fatty acids have a structure that is extremely similar to plastic. Such acids can not dissolve and does not degrade in the body and are excreted difficult.

In addition to the disturbance of the function of cell membranes, trans-fatty acids in margarine (regardless of the ingredients) prevent proper transfer of nutrients into cells, preventing the elimination of toxins from the cells and destroys the defense cells of microbes and other harmful chemicals.

Trans-fatty acids contribute to increased LDL cholesterol and adverse namely apolipoprotein A, which contribute to heart disease, but it is known that they contribute to an increase in insulin levels, which promotes the formation of fatty deposits. Trans-fatty acids are combined with erectile function cell wall one of the biggest reasons for the creation of cellulite.

They also increase levels of prostaglandin E2, a hormone that produces an inflammatory reaction in the body and which interferes with the function of anti-inflammatory prostaglandin E1 and E3. This hormone disorder affects numerous metabolic functions, as well as omega-6, interferes with the immune system and prevents proper operation of cranial nerve via the digestive organs controlled and managed by the body’s defenses.

Let’s not forget the catalyst in the form of a fine powder of nickel. Nickel is toxic to plants, animals and humans if they eat more than the average amount, the human body can handle a maximum of 0.3 milligrams of organic nickel, which we take with the help of the consumption of fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. Inorganic nickel certainly not suitable for human consumption, and in the case of excessive intake of nickel in the body, this element becomes cancerous.
The third step – purification “crude” margarine

After partial hydrogenation crude, mass margarine is smelly sticky gray mass full of lumps. In order to be liberated from masses of hard nodules, emulsifiers are added to the soap-like, and after that, the mass is stirred.

The fourth step – deodorization

After the addition of emulsifiers and destruction of lumps, a weight of crude hydrogenated margarine is purified in a steam bath under pressure and at high temperatures to remove the stench of chemicals. This process is called deodorization because in the mass of margaric compounded with various chemical additives in order to smelt edible margarine.

The fifth step – bleaching and dyeing

After a steam bath, margarine is lost to whiten dirty gray color, bleaching naturally created by means of mixing with a variety of chemicals and in particular some types of prepared clay powder, followed by margarine is added a natural yellow color that resembles the color of butter.

Bleach for margarine is made of chemicals and some types of clay.
Most of the last century it was forbidden to add colored margarine and he had a white color so as not to interfere with butter (some of our manufacturers still have a white butter used for cooking and marketing of sweets), but consumers were not satisfied with the appearance of plastic margarine and the largest margarine companies in the United States managed to lobby for placing colors and aromas including margarine and olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil and so on, and it was promoted as a healthy nutritional food.

1-margarinE4  GTMThe sixth step – vitamins, flavors and “miracle” supplements

Finally, margarine no longer smells and no dirty gray color but the taste was still inedible and disgusting, then margarine added synthetic vitamins, flavorings, flavorings and preservatives different. Given that manufacturers know how many margarines hazardous to our health in a large part of the cases in margarine added plant sterols to decrease the negative effects of an increase in the creation of carrier of cholesterol that. LDL.

Sterols are estrogenic compounds and create problems in the endocrine system, and since margarine and as a bad influence on our hormonal balance this is another indication of how margarine dangerous to our health.

Soya margarine still has a large share, pay attention to the artificial flavor!

1-margarinE-reklama GTMSeventh step – promotion

Margarine is still being promoted as a natural, healthy spread and safest alternative to butter, and many companies were so rude that aggressive advertising campaigns managed to even impose the opinion that the margarine healthier than butter.

During the XX. Ages marketing spin doctors have done everything in their power to convince us that margarine is a healthy and natural alternative to butter.
Although it is very difficult to believe in the process of creating margarine, facts must become available to the public, so that we can decide what to do and when to eat.

We are sure that we cheat and lie in almost all domains, but the food was and remained one of the main factors of human health and longevity, unfortunately, desire for profits in the corporate world more important than our health.

How margarine with these ingredients can be natural and healthy?

We realize that many readers remain astonished those texts because maybe most of the time thought that margarine is a healthy and beneficial until butter is dangerous, however, please you to check the links that we have made available, or simply look for information themselves, make it is true and what is not.



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