What Was So Effective In This Tiny Quail Egg?

Quail Eggs In The Fight Against Many Diseases

quil egg GTM

Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, including Europe, North America, and  India. In Japanese cuisine, they are sometimes used raw or cooked as Tamago in sushi and often found in bento lunches.

Quail eggs are required as a high-protein food for children in the developing world, the sick, the elderly, but for healthy people and athletes.

Quail eggs are the most consumed in Japan, where they are used as food and as medicine. Doctors claim, quail eggs helping in the treatment of high blood pressure, ulcer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis, anemia, migraine, myocardial and nervous breakdown.

These eggs strengthen the immune system and protect against high cholesterol, disturbances in digestion, skin changes and improve memory and strengthen the immune system. And quail meat is very healthy and is used for soup, stew or barbecue. Meat quail helps with the recovery of patients after serious surgery and in the treatment of cancer.

Eggs and meat of Japanese quail were an essential part of the tables of Egyptian pharaohs and their healing properties in China and Japan for centuries known. There is many and written evidence of the positive impact on the human body, especially the blood and circulatory system, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, and brain.

What was so effective in this tiny egg?

Primarily, the chemical composition in relation to chicken, quail egg has five times more phosphorus, seven times more iron and ten times more various vitamins. It is a small energy bomb, and yet, one egg contains only 15 calories.

QUAIL EGG 2 GTMThe contents of an egg:
74.6% water
13.1% protein
11.2% fat
1.1% minerals and other enzymes
3.2 mg of iron
2.2 mg of phosphorus
0.5 mg of calcium
300 IU of vitamin A
0.1 mg vitamin B1
0.8 mg of Vitamin B2

Therapy eggs of Japanese quail
QUAIL EGG 3 GTMThe types of the disease:

High blood pressure – 120 eggs
Ulcers in the stomach – 120 eggs
Arteriosclerosis – 240 eggs
Diabetes – 240 eggs
Bronchial asthma – 240 eggs
Tuberculosis – 240 eggs
Anemia – 240 eggs
A Migraine – 240 eggs
Myocardial – 240 eggs
Nerve disorder – 240 eggs
Excess cholesterol – 240 eggs
Irregular digestion – 240 eggs
Regeneration of the organism – 240 eggs
Enhancing Memory – 240 eggs
Gastritis – 240 eggs
A severe form of asthma – 240 eggs
Brain tumor – 1080 eggs
Intensified physical effort (athletes and laborers) – 1080 eggs

Therapy quail does not require special preparation. Depending on the type of disease, the patient must be in a certain time to drink 120 to 1080 eggs. In most cases, therapy lasts 49 days. Adults are taken by the egg 3 in the first three days, and at 5 to the end of therapy. Children, depending on age, give a smaller number of eggs:

• Children under 3 years – 2 eggs a day
• Children from 3 to 5 years – 3 eggs a day
• Children from 5 to 10 years – 4 eggs a day
• Children over 10 years of applied therapy prescribed for adults

Eggs are consumed raw, ie. fresh and full daily dose all at once, in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals. In order to facilitate consumption, allowed them to whip mixer, add some yogurt or lemon juice, oranges, cherries or apples sweetened with sugar, honey or chocolate powder (with the exception, of course, diabetics). In principle, anyone can take them as suits him, until they take raw and full (yolk and egg white).

QUAIL EGG 4People who are sensitive to eggs must be cautious with therapy. Treatments start by taking one egg per day, a daily dose reduced to 3 to 4 eggs. If they are, and this reduced dose is not done good, therapy must be discontinued.

The therapy is allowed to conduct and when recommended by a physician are already taking some medication. The exception is the case when their prescription drugs forbidden to bring protein (meat, milk, eggs …).

Two months after the end of treatments, if necessary, therapy may be repeated. He even recommended to conducting two courses in the first year, provided that the break between the first and the second should not be longer than 6 months.

For those who work to increase strength and muscle mass, a cocktail of Japanese quail eggs is the perfect energy source: 5 eggs, 1 tablespoon honey and 2 ounces of fruit juice or milk, mix well and drink half an hour before breakfast. And most importantly, is not subject to anti-doping control!
The eggs were stored in sealed cartons in a refrigerator at a temperature of from 1 ° to 4 ° C. That kept the eggs have a shelf life of 60 days in a raw state, and after the expiry of this deadline may be used boiled, baked or fried.


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