When you’re nervous, try a little of this vegetable!


If you are sad and you feel tense, nature has a great way to relax …

In the past, Hippocrates recommended their patients this plant as a kind of tranquilizers.

Secret celery lies in the abundance of magnesium, calcium, and calcium, which together affect the ease tension.
In addition to the powerful trio, the low-calorie celery plant that contains a high percentage of liquids, and is considered by many as an ideal ally in the fight against excess weight.
Celery is the basis of a healthy diet.

The stalk of celery contains as much as 83 percent of water and healthy amounts of fiber and reduces the feeling of satiety.

The combination of potassium and sodium, which are found in celery, helps regulate body fluids and stimulating the production of urine, and thereby to remove toxins from the body, which makes it ideal diuretic.

Celery stimulates the functioning of the brain and normalizes heart function.


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