You Will Never Have To Scrub a Toilet Again if You Make These DIY Toilet Cleaning Bombs – GTM

While proper bathroom hygiene is essential for every household, it can at times prove challenging to achieve even with the most expensive toilet cleaners.

Moreover, most of the commercial bathroom cleaners contain harmful ingredients such as bleach,which is toxic to the lungs. It also acts as an irritant and corrosive, and destroys virtually everything it comes into direct contact with. Additionally, if you inhale the 10 – 50% hydrochloric acid contained in these cleaners, you could end up with irritated respiratory tract and damaged kidneys.

Other cleaners also include fragrances, which are associated with lung irritation, allergic reactions, and headaches, whereas others contain hormone disruptors. Hence, it’s advisable to avoid such products.

toilete 33333 gtmHere, we present you an effective and safe homemade toilet bowl cleaner. Here’s how to prepare it.

What you need:

  • Citric acid – ½ cup
  • Baking soda – ½ cup
  • Essential oils – 25 drops (lemon and orange are recommended)
  • Cornstarch – ½ cup
  • gallon size zip-top bag
  • water in a spray bottle
  • mold


Apart from the essential oil, put all the other ingredients in the bag and shake properly. Afterwards, open it and add about 3 spritzes of water before closing, and then knead.

This should be repeated 5-7 times, releasing the air if the bag becomes puffy. Knead the mixture to obtain something like pie dough. Add essential oils and continue kneading. Afterwards, firmly pack the dough in molds, and give them a few days to dry.

After 48 hours, remove them from the molds, and then put them on some raised place and allow them to dry for a few more days before placing them in a sealed container.

When the need to use them arises, drop them in the toilet bowl until they cause fizzing, and then use a scrub brush to clean off nicely before flushing. Your toilet bowl will come out sparkling clean and fresh!






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