WOMEN: Take This Serious! These Are the Earliest Signs of Breast Cancer You SHOULD Consider! – GTM

Today one of the biggest threats to women is the breast cancer. There are cases that breast cancer has been found in early stage by regular mammography screening but also there are cases where the cancer is discovered in advanced or even late stage which lowers the chances of surviving it. That is why women should read this article really carefully in order to learn how to recognize the warning signs.

breast canc 1211 GTMAs you may already know, change in the look or feel of the breast or the nipple is one of the earliest signs of breast cancer. But if you notice changes on your breasts on nipples you should first consult with a doctor because not all changes are indicating breast cancer.

Experiencing pain in the breast is not something that should be ignored. It does not mean that for 100% you have breast cancer, but do not ignore breast pain. Visit a doctor immediately if you have breast pain.

Lumps are not life threatening but if the lump is harder or it feels different from the rest of the breast tissue it should not be ignored because it might be sign of breast cancer. If you notice a lump that was not there before is also something that should be ignored. Also if you have experience with lumps and you already checked that and it was not breast cancer, but a new one appears there, go and check it again because it does not mean that the new lump will not be a sign of breast cancer.

Nipple discharge is a problem but in a few cases it indicates breast cancer. Nipple discharge can be due to infections or other conditions and that is why you should pay a visit to your doctor if you notice nipple discharge.

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