You’ll Never Buy Butter From The Store After You’ve Made It Yourself! – GTM

Even though, most people won’t admit, the butter bought in store is full with calories and preservatives. So, it’s not that good for your health as you think.

Making butter by yourself it’s definitely the better solution – it’s healthier and it’s more delicious than commercialized butters that you by from the store. A lot of people say that it’s one of the best homemade foods. It’s super easy to make and very cheap.

butter homemade gtmIngredients:

  • one quart of organic heavy cream
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt

And this two ingredients are all that you will need!

The method of preparation:

First fit the mixer and the paddle attachment and then put the cream in the mixer bowl . After that add the salt. It is best to cover the mixer with towel before you turn it on high.

While mixing, you should check it regularly, especially it’s consistency. The mixture, at first, won’t look like butter, but then it will separate and will start t to look like buttermilk and butter. When the butter clumps on the paddle of the mixture, then it’s ready.

With a colander you should strain the mixture and you will get not 1 but 2 products – buttermilk and butter.

Under running water (cold) you should squeeze out the excess buttermilk. It’s ready when the water will be clear. You can make different shapes of the butter and you the put it in your refrigerator and keep it there. You should use it maximum for one month.

Enjoy the delicious and healthy homemade butter!

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